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Weekly Update #19 - May 11, 2021

Posted on May 18, 2021 at 7:15 PM


On Wednesday I met with Macci Morse my Planning Commissioner to see if she had any questions and if she was enjoying being on the Planning Commission. I still need a commissioner for the Health and Human Services Agency Advisory Board if you or someone you know are interested please contact me. 707-391-3664



Coffee and Conversation started with conversations about Mental Health and addiction and how we can support people in our community.

Thursday was a full day of the Ukiah Blue Zones Project with Adventist Health from meetings on Zoom to an in person meeting at the hospital. Don't get me started on health community activities I'll never stop talking. If you didn't catch my other newsletter here is more information about Blue Zones:

Speaking of Adventist Health they asked if we could host a special Streeterie for Nurses Week. Nurses grabbed take out from local restaurants and ate out in the street.

Thankfully Katrina Kessen from the Greater Ukiah Business and Tourism Alliance handled the Streeterie while I was in my office on the Redwood Valley Town Hall for PG&E Settlement. Supervisor McGourty had the great idea of getting assistance from the UCANR and Farm Advisors office and I think it was very successful. We had several break out room sessions to hear feedback from residents about what they want to see the PG&E $22 million used for. We meet in Potter Valley on Saturday.



Interviews for one of the positions at EDFC continue. Do you know someone that might be a good fit? Have them call me.

Of course Friday was the Streeterie with First Friday Art Walk. It was a great success we had the kids ""Super Natural" from Canova Records and local band Weird Year playing music in the street and everyone had a great time! I haven't heard yet how the other art venues did but don't forget the Art Walk is back! And its the First Friday of every month in Downtown Ukiah from 5-8pm



Of course the Second Saturday is the B2 Cleanup. I volunteer to bring my litter pickers and help the folks down at Building Bridges pick up in the neighborhood. If you'd like to join next time please do! Second Saturday at 9am



Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers! It was Kasie's first Mother's Day with Teagan and we went to a family lunch at Star's. I hope you had a great day!



We continue to have EDFC Interviews, so that's how I started Monday. Then I went to meet the New Director of Manzanita Services. I look forward to seeing more collaboration with the Service Providers in Mendocino County Mental Health Issues. And of course I spent the remainder of the afternoon working on notes and tracking down some

B&P issues with a constituent.


Never a dull moment!



May 11, 2021 - 9:00 AM


1. OPEN SESSION (9:00 A.M.)

1a) Roll Call

1b) Pledge of Allegiance



3a) Public Expression

Attachments: 05-06-21 Redwood Valley-Calpella Fire District Correspondence


4a) Direction to Staff to Begin Fully Assessing, Billing and Collecting

Cannabis Business Tax, in the Current Calendar Year, to Initially

Focus Expanded Application on Unlawful Cannabis Cultivation Sites

that are Subject to Other Enforcement Action; Further to Direct

Treasurer-Tax Collector, County Counsel and Code Enforcement to

Provide a Report at the End of the Year with Recommendations

(Sponsor: Supervisor Williams)

Recommended Action:

Direct staff to begin fully assessing, billing and collecting Cannabis Business Tax,

in the current calendar year, to initially focus expanded application on unlawful

cannabis cultivation sites that are subject to other enforcement action; further to

direct Treasurer-Tax Collector, County Counsel and Code Enforcement to

provide a report at the end of the year with recommendations.

05-10-21 MCA Correspondence

05-11-21 Covelo Cannabis Advocacy Group Correspondence


Approved, Direct staff to bring back potential reduction in taxes to those that aren't cultivating or reducing their cultivation sites due to drought


5a) Discussion and Possible Action Including Acceptance of Presentation

from Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) Regarding Public Safety Power Shutoff

(PSPS) Planning & Preparations in the County of Mendocino

(Sponsor: Executive Office)

Recommended Action:

Accept the presentation from PG&E regarding PSPS planning & preparations in the

County of Mendocino.

Attachments: DRAFT_PGE_CWSP_Mendocino County BOS_20210511

Receive the report. Here is the link so you can see the presentation. The biggest question seems to be how do we deal with the new idea that trees that may fall could trigger a PSPS in Mendo|&Search=

5b) Discussion and Possible Action Including Acceptance of Chief Executive

Officer’s Summary; and Acceptance of Presentations by Potter Valley

Volunteer Fire Department, Redwood Valley County Water District, and

the Brooktrails Fire Department and Little Lake Fire Protection District,

Regarding Projects for Strategically Investing One-Time Pacific Gas &

Electric (PG&E) Disaster Settlement Funds

(Sponsor: Executive Office)

Recommended Action:

Accept Chief Executive Officers Summary and presentations from Potter Valley

Volunteer Fire Department, Redwood Valley County Water District, and the

Brooktrails Fire Department and Little Lake Fire Protection District, regarding

projects for strategically investing one-time Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) disaster

settlement funds.

1-EO Summary.pdf

2-Potter Valley Fire.pdf

3-Redwood Valley Water.pdf

4-Brooktrails-Little Lake Fire.pdf

List 5-4-21.pdf

05-11-21 Scoring Matrix revised

05-11-21 List revised


Receive requests, discuss scoring Matrix

5c) Discussion and Possible Action Including Acceptance of Presentation and

Direction to Staff Regarding Implementation and Execution of Enhanced

Cannabis Enforcement Plan and Streamlined Process to Align all Parties,

Including Code Enforcement, the Cannabis Program, the Mendocino

County Sheriff’s Office, and County Counsel

(Sponsor: Planning and Building Services)

Recommended Action:

Accept presentation and direct staff to begin implementing and executing a

framework for establishing the enhanced cannabis enforcement model as presented,

with direction that Human Resources prioritize completion of new position

classifications described in the plan, and by returning to the Board with a cost

analysis for funding that includes including Code Enforcement, the Cannabis

Program, the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office, and County Counsel to be included

in the 2021/22 budget with new positions.

Staff Memo.pdf

Final Cannabis Enf.powerpoint.pdf

05-10-21 MCA Correspondence

05-10-21 Slota Correspondence

05-11-21 Covelo Cannabis Advocacy Group Correspondence


Approved as recommended


6a) Supervisors’ Reports Regarding Board Special Assignments, Standing and

Ad Hoc Committee Meetings, and Other Items of General Interest

05-10-21 Thank You Letter

05-10-21 UCCE Support Letter


Potter Valley Presentation is this Saturday



8a) OFF AGENDA ITEM: Chief Executive Officer’s Report

(Sponsor: Executive Office)

Recommended Action:

Accept the Chief Executive Officer's report.

Attachments: CEO Report 5-11-21 Edition

Brett Blaser, OES reports on need for test of alert systems





After today's BOS Meeting I had a Policies & Procedures Workshop for LAFCO. Its very important to me that we get feedback so we can get these policies right. Here is the agenda please reach out to me to discuss.


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